The Morley Companies (J.J. Morley Enterprises and Morley Environmental) have been providing high quality building restoration, waterproofing contracting and environmental remediation services and professional workmanship to building owners, building managers and consultants since 1988. With offices in Atlanta, Alabama and Tennessee, we are an industry leader in the South Eastern United States.

We have built a team of top quality professionals who recognize the importance of 100% customer satisfaction and strive to accomplish this on every project.


"We are committed to providing high quality work, on time, at reasonable costs, always remembering the Customer is #1."

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Building Restoration, Waterproofing Contractor, Environmental Services and General Contracting:

• Environmental Remediation Services (Morley Environmental, Inc.)
• Stone/Terrazzo Restoration (Exterior and Interior)
• State-of-the-Art Building Cleaning Contractor
• Building and Interior Demolition Contracting
• Leak and Damp Stopping Contractors
• Sealants and Coatings
• Restoration Work
• Interior Design


The Morley Team Proudly
Salute BOMA Georgia's 100th Anniversary

BOMA Georgia Centennial Series: 100 Years of Building Value

BOMA Georgia Centennial Series: 100 Years of Building Value